Canvas Unlimited Uses Tent OX™ to Prevent Property Damage & Take on More Jobs

How customers use Tent OX

“I was amazed by how smoothly the Tent OX maneuvered and its ability to handle a variety of jobs,”

Pam Romsa and Paul Perry Co-owners

Tent OX is used by Canvas  Unlimited to take on more jobs than it could before, like this beautiful pole tent


Siblings Pam Romsa and Paul Perry have been in the tent business all their lives. They now co-own Canvas Unlimited, an event rental company based in Jackson, WY.

The business serves a 120-mile radius and employs 25 staff during its busy season. Canvas Unlimited installs tents from 40′ wide to 80′ wide, with the most common being a 60′ wide pole tent.


Canvas Unlimited specializes in weddings and nonprofit events, earning about 80% of its business from weddings.

Events are often held in pristine locations where clients expect event rental companies to preserve their grounds. This was a challenge for the business, as heavy, traditional forklifts and loaders can readily damage golf courses or lawns.


Now with the Tent OX on their team, Canvas Unlimited reduces time on large jobs by 20%. “We still send the same number of crew to a job,” Perry says, “but we go full force and move on to the next one in a fraction of the time. Tent OX allows us to complete two or three jobs in a day!”

“We utilize the OX stake driver, stake puller as well as the forks, but one of the most beneficial attachments for us is the OX Hook. We are saving huge amounts of time moving our 2000 lb blocks and doing it safely.”