Chattanooga Tent Uses Tent OX™ for Nationwide Military & Disaster Relief Jobs

How customers use Tent OX

“The Tent OX was love at first try. When I saw how smoothly it maneuvered with the turf tires, I was sold that this was a tool that would get the job done without tearing up the ground.”

Mensur RamicSenior Field Supervisor

Chattanooga Tent


Chattanooga Tent, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has been blazing a trail in the tent and event rental industry since 1934.

Depending upon the season, this company employs from 45 to 60 people, completing jobs as far as 300 to 600 miles away, and some on a nationwide basis.


While it serves the weddings and special events market, Chattanooga Tent’s real specialty is long-term tent rentals for warehousing, construction, military and disaster relief. These jobs are extremely time consuming and labor intensive.

However, heavy machines, like fork lifts, can’t always be used for such jobs due to the damage they cause to grass.


Their Tent OX machines weigh half as much or less as equivalent skid steer and traditional wheeled machines. Articulated steering allowing them to move over even delicate surfaces with little or no impact.

The Tent OX is sent to one or more jobs daily and is strategically scheduled to go to the job where it will have the greatest impact.

After only a few months, Chattanooga Tent saw a strong return on its investment.