Classic Tents & Events is Equipped to Handle Any Challenge with Tent OX™

How customers use Tent OX

“Every year we increase sales by 10-12% and the Tent OX has played an important role in that.”

Steven EisensteinPresident and CEO

classic tents & events


Classic Tents & Events serves the greater Atlanta market, specializing in movie and television productions, festivals, and concerts.

During the holiday season, they also provide 400 stores with tents from which they sell Christmas trees.

As a team of just 14 employees serving a lot of customers, Classic Tents thrives on efficiency and versatility.



“We are not your average event rental company that focuses on just weddings,” explains Steven Eisenstein, President and CEO.

“We serve a wide variety of clients all across the Southeast region, so it’s important we equip our business with highly versatile tools that help us maximize efficiency and keep up with demand.”


“With Tent OX integrated into our everyday operations we now use it for anything you can imagine – it’s our Swiss Army Knife of tools,” Eisenstein says.

“Every year we increase sales by 10-12% and Tent OX has played an important role in that. I’m glad we have the Tent OX on our team to help us excel through demanding seasons yet to come.”