A Tough Critic Becomes a Fan After Just One Use: Commonwealth Event Company

How customers use Tent OX

“I love everything about Tent OX, but for me its speed is such an important feature. It’s probably gentler to your grass than that mower over there.”

Steve WingfieldOwner

Commonwealth Event Company


In Richmond, Virginia, Commonwealth Event Company has been growing its business since 1989.

On-season, the company employs about 35 people, serving customers within a 75-mile radius with frame, high-peak pole, free span structure and wedding tents

Owner Steven Wingfield, sums up his greatest challenge in one word: labor. There is never enough qualified labor on hand to accommodate the company’s growing business.


Wingfield first saw the Tent OX system in action at a MATRA tent show in Hershey, PA. He immediately recognized the value in the Tent OX, but had a hard time getting his crew on board with the idea of a new machine.

Then Commonwealth Event Company had the opportunity to test drive the Tent OX on the setup of a 60-wide. A crew lead in charge of operations had voiced his skepticism along with other crew members. But after spending time on the machine, he surprised Wingfield when he returned from the job and said, “I love it!”


Wingfield didn’t waste any time getting a Tent OX System. For 2015, Commonwealth Event Company had an Avant 600-series ready to go, along with OX Driver, OX Puller, OX Push and OX Fork attachments.

Tent OX excels on large scale jobs. For the largest equine steeple chase event on the East Coast, Commonwealth sets up about 250 tents, all in a row. When Wingfield brought Tent OX to work on that job for the first time, his crew recorded an almost unbelievable one-third reduction in time and labor required to drive and pull stakes!