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Elite Events and Rentals Uses Tent OX to Unlock a Whole New Revenue Enhancer

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Elite Events and Rentals began in 2007, operating out of a tiny storage unit in Clearwater, Florida. Since then it has grown to serve the greater Tampa Bay area with every rental item needed to host a high-quality event. The business is made up of 48% tent rentals including traditional frame and pole tents up to 60 feet wide. During their September through May peak season, they employ about 25 people in two locations.

Owner Brandon Ahlgren faced a major challenge in trying to move materials on job sites with soft and delicate surfaces, like the wet and swampy grass that’s common to Florida. Bigger machines had the power to move items where they needed to go, but tore up the ground. That fact bothered the many Elite customers who stage large festivals and outdoor events, and they began to prohibit such machinery on their properties. This meant much more time on site as crews were forced into physically stressful activity, moving heavy tools, tents and flooring materials by hand.

Ready to Make the Investment

Brandon had been introduced to Tent OX at shows including IFAI in Orlando, and by Spring of 2016 Elite Events and Rentals was convinced that it was time to add a Tent OX System – including an articulated loader and Tent OX attachments – in their stable.

“We’re all about efficiency and we really needed to be sure this system was going to be worth the investment,” said Brandon. “I could no longer deny how glaringly obvious it was that we needed Tent OX. My only regret is that we didn’t buy one sooner.”

New Way to Enhance Revenue

After only a few months of Tent OX seat time, Elite Events and Rentals was already experiencing time and manpower savings. They now send just four guys instead of the usual six to do a 60-wide setup. That’s a savings of two guys who can now be assigned to another job!

The most interesting revenue enhancer, one that really has them excited, is the interest they’ve received from other organizations who occasionally rent the Tent OX to help on their own jobs ranging from lawn care to moving heavy things around.

“Renting out the Tent OX for other people to use opens up the possibility of a whole new revenue stream we never considered,” said Brandon. “We keep finding more ways to use the Tent OX and we’re just getting started.”


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