McCarthy Tents & Events Accelerates Growth with Tent OX

How customers use Tent OX

“Any machine that helps you out and saves time, does more than save money,” Sean McCarthy points out. “It makes money. You’ll easily save in labor what your Tent OX expenses will come to.”

Sean McCarthyPresident

McCarthy team with one of four Tent OX machines


Rochester, NY-based McCarthy Tents & Events was founded in 2008.

By the end of 2013, it was growing at a 30% annual rate.

But while the company expanded, it was falling short of profit goals, a function of an industry where tools used by tent crews haven’t changed for decades.


“We couldn’t do much to automate installs and take downs,” explains Sean McCarthy, president of McCarthy Tents and Events.

“We couldn’t bring forklifts on site in residential and semi-residential areas because they damage turf.

“Crews had to make several trips to transport materials. It was hard to keep up.”


Tent OX eliminates hand carries, zipping materials from truck to tent site without damage to fine lawns.

Installs and take downs complete faster too, thanks to high-speed stake driving and pulling attachments, and a labor-saving push pole attachment.