Ralston Supply Center Uses Tent OX™ to Give Crew Better Work-Life Balance

How customers use Tent OX

“I love when I send my crew home early so they can be with their families. Tent OX helps give my crew a better work-life balance. You can’t put a number on the value of that.”

Tom Ralston President and CEO

Pole tent rental installation by Ralston Suppy Center of Syracuse, NY


Located in the Syracuse, NY region that includes the Finger Lakes, Ralston Supply Center, Inc. serves a variety of market sectors including wedding, residential, commercial, colleges, corporations, municipalities, and governments.

Tom Ralston, President and CEO, operates with as many as 36 employees and more than three decades experience, the business operates within a 120-mile radius.


“Our challenges are the same as any business in the industry. The abundance of material handling leads us to question how we can get the pieces and parts from the truck to the job site in a safe and timely fashion,” Ralston says.

“Our old methods resulted in a burnt out, overworked crew that sometimes didn’t show up for work the next day. To continue to take on an increasing number of large jobs, something had to change!”


One of Ralston’s biggest annual jobs, a 60’ x 240’ tent, requires 240-260 stakes. Before Tent OX, two or three guys moved a two-wheel cart to deliver the heavy stakes. With Tent OX, it takes one crew member to pick up a rack of 125 stakes and distribute them, a huge savings of both time and labor.

“Before Tent OX, this job required my crew to work from 6am until about 6pm. With Tent OX, they returned by 2pm!”