Rent-E-Quip Redefines Business with Tent OX’s Versatility

How customers use Tent OX

“In this industry, I’ve found the Tent OX is not a luxury – it’s a necessity.”

Warren Darby Owner

Tent OX Series 500 machine is used by Rent-E-Quip in Virginia


Based in Colonial Heights, Virginia, Rent-E-Quip was established in 2000 primarily as a tool rental company for construction projects.

In 2004 it began to expand into the party rental business, which by 2008 represented 70% of total sales

“Evolving into an event rentals business allowed us to reach a broader clientele and to really expand our profits,” Says owner Warren Darby. “It was a turning point that also required us to invest in some better tools in order to take on more jobs and stay competitive.”


Rent-E-Quip takes on many jobs that require them to work on delicate ground types, such as AstroTurf for graduation ceremonies, or on pristine wedding properties.

They needed a machine that would allow them to serve such clients efficiently, but without tearing up the surfaces with heavy machinery.

They chose a Tent OX system, which combines a turf friendly articulated loader with several labor-savings attachments.


“Clients are often in awe of how quickly, but carefully the Tent OX works. It helps take us to a whole new level of professionalism that other companies can’t compete with,” Warren Darby says.

“We have changed the way we warehouse materials and have adapted our fleet to easily transport it to every job.

“It’s hard to imagine how many different ways you can use the Tent OX until you try it first-hand.”