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Special Events Virginia: Property Damage is Never a Concern When Using Tent OX ™

Special Events VirginiaHeadquartered in Portsmouth, Special Events Virginia covers a 100-mile radius including Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth and beyond. The business employs 30 people year-round who serve a diverse customer base including city festivals, corporate events and weddings. Special Events Virginia carries tents ranging in size from 10×10’ up to 60 x 340’ pole tents as well as Aztek™ 30’ to 40’ wide frame tents. Special Events Virginia often handles large festivals, requiring the setup of 40 or more tents in a short amount of time. However, many venues restrict vehicles from driving on their property for fear of damage to the grass. This was a huge roadblock to productivity, as crew had to then use hand trucks and dollies to manually move a ton of materials. This was a time-consuming and tiring task for the company’s already hard-working crew! 

Fortunate First Use of Tent OX

In 2014, Special Events Virginia was responsible to setting up a 60×120’ TopTec™ tent at the MATRA Show in Hershey. Tent OX happened to be at that same show and approached the crew lead with an opportunity to demo the machine for this project.

“It was love at first use,” recalls Matt Smith, Warehouse Manager of Special Events Virginia. “We were all blown away by the power and precision of the Tent OX. It was a game changer.”

That winter, Special Events Virginia purchased their very own Tent OX System, comprised of an Avant 528 articulated loader and a full suite of attachments including OX Driver, OX Puller, OX Push, OX Push Pocket and OX and Roll.

Special Events VirginiaTent OX Gives Special Events Virginia An Edge Over Competition

Tent OX is the business’s “secret weapon” and their leg up in the industry. There isn’t a single venue that won’t allow Special Events Virginia to drive the Tent OX on their property, giving them a valuable edge over competition whose much heavier loaders are routinely barred from tent sites.

Tent OX’s ability to accelerate jobs, offers the company another competitive advantage. On a recent city festival job, inclement weather slowed the setup. But with a crew of just two employees, four temps and the Tent OX to drive stakes, move materials and push center poles, they were still able to set up two tents – a 60×120’ and a 60×210’ – on asphalt in a single, 10-hour day. Without the Tent OX, Smith admits he would have had to split the job over the course of two days, doubling his labor costs.

Tent OX Changes Mindset About Install Efficiency

Smith shares some advice on maximizing the use of the Tent OX to enhance operating efficiency. “We’ve completely reassessed how we do everything related to material handling. From the way we warehouse our inventory to the way we use our fleet, we’ve designed everything to work with the Tent OX for maximum benefit.” He continues, “I always tell people, be willing to change your mindset about how you do business. Mold your business to fit the Tent OX. It’s going to be around a lot longer than most of your employees!”

On a more personal note, Smith adds, “I’ve been working in the industry for 14 years and I can say first hand that Tent OX has given me and my employees a longer career life span to keep doing what we love.”

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