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Tent OX ™ Helps Bryant’s Rent-All Events & Tents Keep Its Crew Together

Bryant's Rent All

Bryan'ts Rent-All

Bryant’s Rent-All Events & Tents has been providing party, tent and equipment rentals since 1953. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, the company’s inventory covers frame, pole, pop-up, clear span and canopy tents. It employs about 58 people year-round, (including their tool rental division), serving the entire state of Kentucky and into West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee.


Faced With a Personnel “Revolving Door”

“This is likely a common theme for tent and event rental companies, but our biggest challenge is finding and retaining quality laborers,” explains Nate Niespodziany, General Manager. “It’s like a revolving door of employees; we seem to always be hiring and training.”

The tent and event business will always be physically demanding for crews on site, and keeping qualified people on staff is a perennial problem. The Tent OX system combined with an Avant articulated loader is an answer to this problem. Developed by Scott Woodruff, who owned his own regional tent and event company for 30 years, Tent OX system is designed specifically to reduce crew fatigue and increase overall productivity. Just as important, it is designed to open the door to increased profits in a segment of the rental industry unfairly saddled with low margins due to its intensive labor requirements.

Bryant's Rent-All Events & TentsResearch and Analysis Proves Tent OX to Be a Sound Investment


Nate first learned about Tent OX through Facebook when he saw it on another event rental business’s site. He contacted Tent OX, and Scott Woodruff brought a demo machine to the business. Initially, Bryant’s Rent-All turned it down because they were unsure whether the investment was worth it for them. However, over the following month, the company couldn’t stop thinking about Tent OX. They did their research and talked with other businesses who owned one to understand how it was paying for itself in their locations. After running a full cost-analysis, Bryant’s Rent-All concluded that Tent OX was a sound investment that would pay for itself time and time again.

In spring 2016, a Tent OX System was purchased and delivered: an Avant model 528 machine and OX Driver, OX Puller, OX Hook, and OX Fork attachments. They also added a snow plow attachment to use in the winter months to clear their parking lot. Not having to pay someone else to plow their property would be yet another cost-savings.

Right away Bryant’s Rent-All saw a substantial reduction in labor. To illustrate, Niespodziany pointed out that the setup of a 60×120’ tent usually required five to six guys. Nate can now tackle the job with himself, two guys and the Tent OX.

“Tent OX really helped us reduce the cycle of hiring and training new employees. And, we do a lot more with fewer guys,”


Bryant’s Rent-All Events & Tents…Keeping it all together with the Tent OX

One of the biggest benefits Bryant’s Rent-All has experienced since using the Tent OX system is the ability to move large quantities of materials while keeping things together. This changes the way crews warehouse, transport and stage materials, allowing them to shave about half the time off every single job.

“Once we fully embraced how the Tent OX system works, and molded our business to work with it, we really saw maximum results,” says Niespodziany. “We bought trailers to haul more staging, and more pallets so that we can leave things packaged in the warehouse and move them easily with the Tent OX.”

Bryant’s Rent-All Events & Tents was so impressed with the transformation Tent OX system has made to the way they work a job that they recently filmed a tent setup from the point of view of their Tent OX system. In the time lapse video below, they strapped a GoPro onto the loader  for a machine’s “eye” view. Take a look, the rapid progress of the job is pretty incredible!

Mt. Brilliant Set-Up

We hold ourselves to the highest standards. Quality always comes first in everything we do, and Jeb Smith with SkyDroneStudios really captured that. See what we're about in this quick 1 minute video of one of our set-ups!

Posted by Bryant's Rent-All Inc on Friday, July 29, 2016

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