Tent OX ™ Helps Bryant’s Rent-All Events & Tents Keep Its Crew Together

How customers use Tent OX

“Tent OX really helped us reduce the cycle of hiring and training new employees. And, we do a lot more with fewer guys.”

Nate NiespodzianyGeneral Manager

Bryant's Rent-All Events & Tents


Bryant’s Rent-All Events & Tents has been providing party, tent and equipment rentals since 1953.

Based in Lexington, Kentucky, the company’s inventory covers frame, pole, pop-up, clear span and canopy tents.

It employs about 58 people year-round, (including their tool rental division), serving the entire state of Kentucky and into West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee


“The Personnel “Revolving Door”  is likely a common theme for tent and event rental companies, but our biggest challenge is finding and retaining quality laborers,” says General Manager Nate Niespodziany. “It’s like a revolving door of employees; we seem to always be hiring and training.”

The tent and event business will always be a physically challenging, with staff turnovers, but Bryant’s has found an answer to this problem: a Tent OX system combining an articulated loader and a suite of labor-saving attachments.


Nate first learned about Tent OX through Facebook when he saw it on another event rental business’s site. After running a full cost-analysis, Bryant’s Rent-All concluded that Tent OX was a sound investment that would pay for itself time and time again.

In 2016, they purchased a Tent OX System. Right away Bryant’s saw a substantial reduction in labor. To illustrate, Niespodziany pointed out that the setup of a 60×120’ tent usually required five to six guys. Nate can now tackle the job with himself, two guys and the Tent OX.