Tent OX™ Saves the Day for One of the Largest Jobs at Diamond Rental

How customers use Tent OX

“With Tent OX, we used fewer guys than usual and still got the job done in a fraction of the time!”

Mark HilesStore Manager

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Diamond Rental’s party and event rental division operates out of Utah from three locations: Orem, Ogden and Salt Lake City.

Combined, these locations employ 35-40 full time employees, plus additional help, serving all of Utah and parts of Idaho, Oregon and California.


One of Diamond Rental’s very first jobs after taking delivery of the Tent OX was setting up four pole tents (three 60-wides and a 100-wide).

In pre-Tent OX years, Diamond allocated a week and a crew of eight to complete the installations. This year, the client needed the tents set up in just two days! In previous years, said store manager Mark Hiles, even a full crew of eight wouldn’t have been able to complete the job in the shortened time frame.


With the Tent OX, Diamond Rental not only accommodated the client’s tight timeline, but completed the job with two fewer members, saving both manpower and time.

“I can see how the Tent OX is really going to benefit our crew and help give them a better work-life balance. We’ve greatly reduced the back-breaking labor that would leave them totally depleted after just one day.”