Wallace Events Takes On More Jobs With Tent OX Delivery

Eighteen years in business, Ellsworth, Maine-based Wallace Events is a well-established full-service tent and event rental company with multiple locations. Crews spread out over Maine’s long coastline and inland areas, installing traditional pole tents as well as the latest sail and structure tents.

Wallace EventsBy 2015 Wallace had reached the upper limit of how many jobs it could take on during peak months without exhausting crews. Jake Taylor, co-owner of the company, sought a new way to break through their productivity ceiling. He wanted to keep pace with demand without burning out his crews.

Early in 2016, Taylor learned about Tent OX and quickly determined that this product could deliver the breakthrough they were looking for. Shortly after, they ordered a 700 Series machine and transported it directly to its first job at Colby College in Waterville, ME.

How Wallace Events Saved 75% on Stake Driving Time Alone

Wallace Events Crew

Armed with OX Fork, OX Driver, OX Puller and OX Push attachments, the Wallace crew immediately began saving time on the job, despite having no seat time at all on the machine. “Last year the guys used gas powered stake drivers and it took six and a half hours to drive 320 stakes,” Taylor explains. “This year, with the OX Driver attachment, they drove the same 320 stakes in just an hour and a half.”

Tent OX made such a substantial change for the better in the way crews worked, that Wallace decided to order a second 600 series machine less than one month later!

“We can send a two-person advance team to the site instead of four guys the day before the actual install, lay out the tent, position and drive the stakes, and have it ready to go for the next day,” Taylor points out. “To complete that kind of setup with two guys instead of four is a huge saving for us.”

Tent OX Helps Save the Crew Too

Wallace EventsBut even if Tent OX didn’t save time, Wallace Events says it is still worth the purchase, because at the end of the day the crew is not exhausted from driving stakes or carrying so much weight from truck to tent site. “That is 10,000 pounds of material during the day that we don’t have to walk anymore,” Taylor points out. “Also, it could help reduce turnover.”

Interested in how Tent OX can make your company much more efficient on the job? Let us help you get started!