Windswept Entertainment & Events Reaps Benefits of a Double Tent OX™ Operation

How customers use Tent OX

“Tent OX changed the way we load and transport materials and allows us to drive in areas we couldn’t before, for fear of causing damage.”

Adam and Steve GhristCo-owners

Windswept Entertainment


Windswept Entertainment and Events is a successful family business located outside Pittsburgh.

Windswept serves wedding as well as corporate and university clients within a 150-mile radius of its Latrobe, PA headquarters.

Established in 1991 under the name Windswept Adventures. The firm is co-owned by brothers Adam and Steve Ghrist.


Windswept faced unexpected logistical challenges from time to time when they arrived onsite, despite detailed planning.

As a result, the crew would often have to adjust to the circumstances and work harder to complete a job.

“We would arrive at a job to find that streets were blocked off or grass areas off-limits to heavy machines,” Adam Ghrist says. “Guys would have to carry things by hand.”


Tent OX changed the way the crew loaded and transported materials, driving into areas off-limits to other machines. “It is one of the smoothest moving machines I have seen as far as not doing damage to property,” Adam says.

On one of the busiest weeks of the year, Windswept was maxed out when a call came in for same-day 80 x 130 tent install. “With the Tent OX, we were able to do the install with just four people. There’s no way we could have taken on that job before!”