Why Tent OX Attachments Are Designed to Fit Avant Loaders

Tent Ox Machines in a Row

Tent OX is a system-approach, designed to address several industry wide problems which touch the area of safety, profitability, and labor shortage. It is a complete system of problem solving tools carefully engineered around the loader on which the attachments function.

From the time we shipped the first Tent OX Tent Installation System in 2014, the only platform we’ve concentrated on was Avant’s pioneering four-wheel, turf-tired articulated loader. At that time it was the only platform option that delivered the kind of performance that Tent OX Founder, Scott Woodruff was looking for.

From day one, Tent OX has taken a system-approach, where the choice of whatever platform that our attachments run on is absolutely critical to the performance – and especially the safety – of the Tent OX Tent Installation System out on the job. Of the 6 machine sizes it is developed to run on, every combination of machine and tool is field tested with tents up to 120’ wide, to make sure it is capable of the task, or that specific tools are withheld from use on the inappropriate machines.

Tent OX has never ruled out new or clone technology as it came along, and we closely monitor the market for additional potential platforms for the Tent OX product line. Over the last five years, we have been asked to make our tools compatible on everything from JCB 520’s to all brands of skid steers to compare wheel and track loaders like the Dingo and Vemeer track units.

In doing preliminary testing in about five combinations, we found this to result in concerns for safety or liability, while at the same time taking our limited resources away from our mission statement to bring a complete system solution to the industry that was packaged and priced to meet the needs of the broadest group possible.

It’s important to consider that every attachment we create is engineered and extensively tested on the machines it is designed to fit. Since we debuted the Tent OX line, it has been continuously improved to enhance performance and durability without ever sacrificing safety for the customer. We see it as irresponsible to add new platforms until we can achieve the same level of performance and safety we have achieved thus far.

Tent OX has always assumed the eventual arrival of machines built on Avant’s first-to-market product. We believe that having more options is actually a great thing because it validates the four-wheel articulated breakthrough introduced by Avant in the late 90’s into the US and Canada markets.

We are always happy to further discuss the compatibility, safety, and durability of the Tent OX Tent Installation and encourage you to contact us today so we may answer your questions, and offer advice on what tent installation tools might best serve your business’s needs.

Please call us at 1-800-878-0065 or email info@tentox.com.