Tent OX Helps Tent Rental Businesses Do More, Earn More in the Winter

Based in Lexington, Kentucky, Bryant’s Rent-All Events & Tents experiences the splendor of all four seasons. While winter months can be beautiful, they bring frigid temperature, snow and ice. Bryant’s Rent-All’s crew of 48 year-round employees is adept at overcoming most cold weather obstacles after 65 years in business, but two years ago, the business found a new way to improve its approach to winter tasks.

In 2016, Bryant’s Rent-All invested in the Tent OX System, consisting of an Avant 528 articulated loader, along with OX Driver, OX Puller, OX Hook, OX Fork and snow plow attachments. Immediately, the team began to change and enhance its approach to its main season of tent installations and take downs. But beyond snow plowing, the team didn’t realize that Tent OX would ultimately help improve business efficiency in winter months, too.

Bryant’s Rent-All runs a pretty heavy schedule in winter, organizing and improving the flow of its inventory in the warehouse, removing snow and carrying out a healthy schedule of winter installs. It didn’t take long before the Tent OX System became the number-one tool they rely upon to assist in making winter work go a lot faster.

Nimble in the aisles and in the winter 

Winter Bryants Rent All

This 40×100 clear span structure was erected in near zero degree weather.

The compact machine, with its unique high-back OX Fork, easily maneuvers between the aisles, retrieving inventory that’s too heavy or out of reach. For instance, it’s a big help for pulling heavy tenting out of the washer and hanging it to dry. Tent OX augments an existing forklift in the warehouse, working in departments that would otherwise wait for the other machine to become available.

The Tent OX System & Avant Loader get plenty of exercise outside in winter, weather. Nate Niespodziany, General Manager, explains: “Using the snow attachment, we plow our own parking lot with just one guy. We used to pay an outside company anywhere from $120 to $600 per month to do this!”

Perfect for setting up outside winter events

Snow and ice don’t deter clients from hosting outside parties in Bryant’s Rent-All’s service area, which includes the entire state of Kentucky and areas of West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee. Large tents with walls, doors and heaters are in demand, and New Year’s Eve parties and corporate events keep the crew busy. But when it’s colder, each job requires extra effort to move heating units, vinyl walls and double-paned doors. In the past, these added tasks would involve a lot of heavy lifting for the crew; now the Tent OX system literally takes the weight off their shoulders, and transfers it to the articulated loader’s four-wheel hydrostatic drive.

We have no trouble getting around on snow or ice with the Tent OX System, even without adding chains to the tires,” Niespodziany adds. “We use it to unload and install the heavy, double-paned doors and to make quick work of pulling roof panels.”

Bryant’s Rent-All also relies on Tent OX System to move materials quickly from the truck to the job site, drive stakes into frozen ground and decrease the time the crew spends in freezing temperatures.

On the job, year-round

Because Bryant’s Rent-All serves multiple states, conserving time means everything. Now, with Tent OX System on their team, they have freed up time to tackle more jobs through the winter. From warehouse efficiency and snow plowing to making quick work of large and complex outside jobs, Tent OX System is proving as valuable in the winter as in every other season!