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indoor bc tent and awning

Tent OX Delivers the Same Power & Precision Indoors

By Jay Woodruff / March 7, 2018 / Comments Off on Tent OX Delivers the Same Power & Precision Indoors

BC Tent and Awning Co., Inc. opened its doors in Avon, Massachusetts nearly 40 years ago and has since learned a thing or two about running a successful tent and event rental business amidst the harsh winters in the Northern United States. With a crew of 16 full time employees throughout the winter months, BC…

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Winter Bryants Rent All

Tent OX Helps Tent Rental Businesses Do More, Earn More in the Winter

By Jay Woodruff / February 20, 2018 / Comments Off on Tent OX Helps Tent Rental Businesses Do More, Earn More in the Winter

Based in Lexington, Kentucky, Bryant’s Rent-All Events & Tents experiences the splendor of all four seasons. While winter months can be beautiful, they bring frigid temperature, snow and ice. Bryant’s Rent-All’s crew of 48 year-round employees is adept at overcoming most cold weather obstacles after 65 years in business, but two years ago, the business…

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Gary Stansberry

Payroll: Personalized and Quantified

By Jay Woodruff / January 24, 2018 / Comments Off on Payroll: Personalized and Quantified

by: Gary Stansberry Those who heard me speak in 2016 at MATRA, or who or have read one of my articles, are probably familiar with the following:  Payroll is the largest cash expense for all rental companies.  That’s the primary reason the average cash flow/EBITDA margin  of tent and event rental companies’ falls below industry…

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OX Hook

5 Advantages of a “Go-Anywhere, Do-it-All” Machine in the Tent & Event Industry

By Jay Woodruff / November 2, 2017 / Comments Off on 5 Advantages of a “Go-Anywhere, Do-it-All” Machine in the Tent & Event Industry

When you buy more labor-saving tools and techniques to reduce the time required for a tent install, does that always mean you’ll add more profit to your bottom line? Not necessarily. Buying multiple machines to save labor can cost a lot of money – and take up more space – than those acquisitions justify. That’s…

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Keder Panel Puller

Pull Clearspan Keder Fabric Panels Faster, Without Damage

By Jay Woodruff / August 28, 2017 / Comments Off on Pull Clearspan Keder Fabric Panels Faster, Without Damage

Clearspan keder fabric panels often don’t pull smoothly by hand. And they can rip in expensive ways when pulled by machines not designed for the task. How can your installers pull panels faster, reduce potential for damage, and save your company plenty of crew hours in the process? Keder Fabric Panel Challenges  First, let’s get…

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Tent and Event Rental Industry

Tent and Event Rental Industry Uses Tent OX to Reverse Labor-Related Profitability Problems

By Jay Woodruff / June 20, 2017 /

The tent and event rental industry has traditionally been a business that requires a lot of labor, a fact that has gone virtually unchallenged for centuries. While hand-held pneumatic drivers have improved stake driving speed somewhat, and using lifts and forklift machines have provided some relief, most of the tasks your crews perform during tent…

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Chattanooga Tent

Making More Money On Each Tent Installation

By Jay Woodruff / May 24, 2017 /

  The more time you spend on the job, the more that job costs. In its simplest form, the true cost of any job is a combination of the number of people you send to put up a tent, and the number of hours they spend there. Take for example, Michael’s Party Rentals of Ludlow,…

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Event Rental Business

How Your Event Rental Business Can Take on More Commercial Tent Rental Jobs with Tent OX™

By Jay Woodruff / April 11, 2017 /

Finding and retaining quality labor is one of the largest challenges your tent rental business faces as it tries to take on more commercial tent rental jobs. You’re not alone if you suffer high-turnover and high-burnout rates in your crew, especially when you’re struggling through back-to-back jobs in your busy season. For far too long,…

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keder roof fabric panel puller 2

New Keder Roof Fabric Panel Puller Ideal for Clearspan Tents

By Jay Woodruff / January 3, 2017 /

Wide keder roof fabric panels, pulled by hand, cause strain as workers work hard to complete clearspan tent structure installs. Maybe you’ve tried a forklift or tele-handler to reduce the workload. But that approach eliminates the sensitivity required to pull fabric panels without damage, including tearing. That’s why Tent OX introduced a new keder roof…

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