Why Tent OX Attachments Are Designed to Fit Avant Loaders

Tent Ox Machines in a Row

Tent OX is a system-approach, designed to address several industry wide problems which touch the area of safety, profitability, and labor shortage. It is a complete system of problem solving tools carefully engineered around the loader on which the attachments function. From the time we shipped the first Tent OX Tent Installation System in 2014, the…

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Understanding the World of Party Rental Tent Stake Pullers

Pulling stakes since 1987 –When I entered the tent business in 1987,  I was trained to remove a 42″ tent stake from our new Anchor Fiesta Tent by whacking a sledge hammer against the stake near the ground until the vibration rendered it loose enough to be pulled out by the head. We always carried a 24″ pipe wrench for…

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Emergency Preparedness – Tent Companies Stand By

Tent OX busy at work installing emergency shelters

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Emergency preparedness is the key to a quick response when disaster strikes. Tent companies typically start contingency planning when a severe weather alert indicates there is a strong likelihood  of the need to provide emergency shelter.  There are over a dozen companies across the country who specialize in emergency tenting, standing by with equipment, crews and trucking capacity.…

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Ballasting Safety for Frame Tents used in Fireworks Displays

An experienced tent rental professional knows what amount of water barrels are required to properly secure a frame tent – BUT DOES THE CUSTOMER? [vc_row][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”5/6″][vc_column_text]During the 2 weeks leading up to the 4th of July,  many rental companies shift from weddings and college graduations to service the annual fireworks tent business.  This blog is specifically about…

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Fast Change from Tent Stake Driver to Fork Lift

Disconnect OX Driver is Fast

Change from Tent Stake Driver to Fork Lift in seconds It is a fast change from the tent stake driver to forklift with Tent OX.  Just 1 minute 20 seconds is all it takes for one person to disconnect the Tent Stake Driver, connect the Fork Lift Attachment and be ready to move material. [vc_row][vc_column…

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Difficult Tent Installations Made Easier with Tent OX™

Tent installations

Tent Installations Simplified If you have been a professional tent installer for many years, you know it is not unusual to be asked to do the impossible.  Perhaps you are forced to park two 24-foot trucks on the street and manually haul the contents  to a backyard, or you need to level a 1% slope using…

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Can the OX Stake Rack improve your labor costs?

OX Stake Rack! Another specialized tool in the Tent OX line to help you reduce your labor on large setups. It all started when I was calling on tent companies to talk about the Tent OX and its material handling capabilities. Often, the conversation focused on “How do other people handle stakes”? There are about…

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What Would John Henry Think of the OX Driver?

I kind of wonder what John Henry would think of the OX Driver… The tale of John Henry was about the competition between machine and man.  The railroad was starting to develop machines that would reduce their cost per mile to install track by designing machines to perform many tasks. The railroad brought in a…

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