Making More Money On Each Tent Installation

Chattanooga Tent

  The more time you spend on the job, the more that job costs. In its simplest form, the true cost of any job is a combination of the number of people you send to put up a tent, and the number of hours they spend there. Take for example, Michael’s Party Rentals of Ludlow,…

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New Keder Roof Fabric Panel Puller Ideal for Clearspan Tents

keder roof fabric panel puller 2

Wide keder roof fabric panels, pulled by hand, cause strain as workers work hard to complete clearspan tent structure installs. Maybe you’ve tried a forklift or tele-handler to reduce the workload. But that approach eliminates the sensitivity required to pull fabric panels without damage, including tearing. That’s why Tent OX introduced a new keder roof…

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225 Avant Machine Ideal for Smaller Commercial Tent Jobs

Tent OX 225

Tent professionals running smaller commercial tent jobs have been asking, “Build us a smaller Tent OX that we can cost-justify. One for smaller commercial tent jobs that we can use with 30-wides, 40-wides and the occasional 60-wide commercial tents,” they said. They knew that Tent OX has already been helping tent rental companies installing bigger…

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